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A Simple Guide to Technical Support

We are proud of our technical support department, because we do our best to make things easy for you. For example, you generally don’t have to wait on hold for a tech support representative. Even if you need to hang up to “try things” and then call back in, you will most likely speak to the same person from the start to finish of the problem. But even with the best tech support, a helpful guide on what to expect can be most useful.

Reboot your computer before calling.
You would be shocked and amazed how often this simple technique solves customers’ problems—especially when the problems just start occurring. If you haven’t rebooted, we will most likely ask you to do so and then ask you to call us back if the problem persists.
Be in front of your computer, ready to perform tasks as needed.
At least 95% of the time, we will need you to be in front of your computer to troubleshoot a problem. If you don’t have a telephone near your computer, don’t fear. Most computers have two phone jacks on the back of the tower (also know as the desktop, cpu, etc..). One jack, usually labeled “Line,” is used for connecting your computer to the wall jack. The other jack, usually labeled “Phone,” is where you can plug in an extra phone.
You can perform tasks and check settings while on the phone with us without needing to go online.
Most often, we will ask you questions about the problem, check some settings on your computer, and then ask you to try things out. Even if you only have one phone line, we can guide you through these system checks over the phone. If we aren’t sure we’ve fixed something, we’ll ask you to try it and then call us back if the problem continues. In some cases, we’ll ask you to try something specific and then we’ll call you back. In those instances, it is important to disconnect from the Internet after your testing is done.
You do not need to be technically savvy to talk to tech support
Every day, we talk to people with different levels of computer knowledge. It is helpful if you write down error messages prior to calling us. Please make sure you note the entire error message. What might be unclear to you, could be helpful to us.
We ask lots of questions in an effort to isolate the problem quickly and precisely.
Some of our questions might seem simple and obvious on the surface. Technical support is the art of knowing how to solve the hard problems, but never missing the obvious. For example, you don’t want us uninstalling and reinstalling software on your computer when the only problem is that your Caps-Lock key is on!
On a regular basis we ask, “Have things changed or have you noticed something different?” We will also ask, “When did the problem start happening?” These questions are meant to jar your memory. Please put some thought into your answer. We want to know every detail you can provide us.
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