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Hubris Communications CD-ROM

Hubris Communications ProgramsWindows Only

Hubris Communications Installer 2.3 MB
This program is for new customers or customers configuring a new computer. It configures your computer for dial-up Internet access. It includes the latest database of access numbers available across the country. It will also configure Outlook Express, Eudora and Thunderbird for multiple email addresses. It can also optionally install the dialup accelerator program.
Hubris Communications Dialer 672 KB
This program is for customers who already have their computer configured for dialup. It is not for new customers. It installs the Hubris Communications dialer only. It also includes the latest database of access numbers available across the country. It does not install any other software or configure email clients.
Full ISO Image 600 MB – Broadband Only
You can download this .iso file and burn it to a CD, then install the software. It includes installation, support files, and a large selection of third-party programs and recent Microsoft Windows updates.
Medium ISO Image 300 MB – Broadband Only
This file is identical to the full image except Microsoft Windows updates are omitted.
Small ISO Image 250 MB – Broadband Only
This file is similar to the medium image except only the most basic third party applications are included.

Get Our CD by Mail

Our CD-ROM is the best tool for configuring your computer for Internet access. If you don’t already have it, you can get it by mail or you can pick one up at one of our distribution sites.

Email Tools

Email Tools

Email Configuration Tool Windows Only
This tool will automatically configure multiple mailbox icons for Eudora and Thunderbird, allowing different people to use the same computer to access different email accounts. If you use Outlook Express, this program configures the “Identities” instead.
Email Configuration AppleScript Mac OS X Only
If you are using Mail, the built-in email program for Mac OS X, you can run this AppleScript file to quickly and easily setup your Hubris Communications email account.
Security Shield

Security Programs Windows Only

Microsoft Security Essentials
Even with our behind-the-scenes email Virus Scanner hard at work, you still need anti-virus protection on your own computer—especially if you are running any version of Windows. You can download Microsoft Security Essentials free of charge.
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
This program can detect and remove various kinds of spyware from your computer. It searches your hard drive for programs you inadvertently downloaded, and it can be configured to protect you from downloading other spyware threats.
Other Tools

Other Tools Windows Only

Graphical Ping
This tool lets you ping Internet addresses using a normal Windows program. It’s useful for diagnostics. (For experienced users only.)
DNS Settings Tool
This tool will change any hard-coded DNS server settings with the old Hubris DNS numbers to the correct “server assigned” DNS settings.

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