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Alternate Routes of Computer Viral Infection

Though your Hubris Communications email account is protected by our behind-the-scenes filter, your computer can still become infected by one of several possible routes, all of which are under your direct control. That’s why you should install your own virus scanning software, especially if you run any version of Windows.

Email Accounts Not Hosted by Hubris Communications
If you use your computer to check email accounts which we don’t host and which aren’t protected by server-side filtering, your computer could become infected.
Port Scan Attacks
Some viruses are extremely dangerous because they scan the Internet for computers which will accept connections from just about anywhere. This type of attack is called a port scan attack. Our Email Virus Filter cannot protect you from this type of attack. (However, these types of viruses can be prevented. Continue reading for more information.
Trojan Horses
Trojan horses are programs which pretend to be one thing but are really quite another! These programs are often disguised as games or utilities. They may perform the promised function, but they contain a viral payload as well. Once you install a trojan horse, the included virus will infect your computer. It will then try to spread itself by any means possible.
Removable Media
Viruses can still infect removable media such as floppy disks. It is also possible that malicious coders will someday be able to craft viruses which can infect USB drives, SD cards and compact flash cards.

Protect Your Computer by Installing Virus Software

The only way to protect your computer against these types of threats is to install virus scanning software on your own computer. These programs scan your hard drive for malicious files. They notify you of infections and they help you remove them from your system.

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