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550 Relay Errors When Sending Mail

This error appears when you have an improperly configured SMTP server. This page will explain the problem and help you correct your settings.

SMTP Authentication

We all know that junk email is a huge problem. A typical way Internet Service Providers (ISPs) combat junk email is by not allowing people to relay email off their servers. To give you an example of this, let’s say you are using another ISP (i.e. Cox, SBC, EarthLink, etc...) for Internet service but you are using as your mail server. This will not work unless SMTP authentication is enabled.

If you do not have SMTP authentication enabled, you will likely get an error message like this when sending email:

Relaying to prohibited by administrator.

Determine Which SMTP Server to Use

If you are configuring an email program to check a Hubris Communications email address but you are using another ISP for Internet access, you should consider what SMTP server you should use. In most cases, we recommend you use the SMTP settings for that ISP. You will need to contact their technical support department for assistance with these settings.

If you wish or need to use Hubris Communications for outbound email, you need to turn enable SMTP authentication. The configuration instructions to do this can be found in our Email Center.

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