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Virus Alert: W32.Sobig.F@mm Worm

The Sobig.F@mm worm is an Internet virus which spreads itself rapidly via email. Once you are infected, it searches your computer for email addresses. Using its built-in email software, it sends itself to the addresses it finds. It spoofs the name of the sender to obfuscate the origins of the virus.

This worm is very aggressive and very fast. (In fact, it is reportedly the fastest-spreading Internet worm of all time!) However, due to the nature of this worm, Hubris Communications has been able to monitor certain aspects of our network to determine whether or not our customers have been infected. If you are infected, the worm attempts to send packets of data from your computer over UDP port 8998. We are able to monitor this type of transfer over our networks, and we have found that a few of our customers have been infected.

Eliminating the Virus

Download the FixSbigF.exe tool, which removes the virus from your computer. This tool was developed by Symantec, makers of a popular anti-virus program, and it has been made freely available to the general public. Details about the tool can be found on their website.

Steps to Run the Tool

  1. After download the tool, close all programs.
  2. If you are using DSL or if you are connected to the Internet via a network, disconnect the computer from the network. (Simply remove the network cable from the back of the computer.)
  3. If you are running Windows Me or XP, you should disable the System Restore feature by following these steps:
    1. Right click the icon on your desktop labeled "My Computer." In the menu that appears, select "Properties."
    2. Click the tab labeled "System Restore."
    3. Locate the option labeled "Turn off System restore on all drives" (Windows ME) or "Turn off system restore" (Windows XP). Make sure this option is CHECKED.
    4. Click "OK." A warning screen will appear. In Windows ME, click "OK" to clear the warning. In Windows XP, click "Yes."

      CAUTION: If you are running Windows Me/XP, we strongly recommend that you do not skip this step. The removal procedure may be unsuccessful if Windows Me/XP System Restore is not disabled, because Windows prevents outside programs from modifying System Restore.

  4. Double-click the FixSbigF.exe icon to start the removal tool. A dialog box will appear. Click the button labeled "Start" to begin the process, and then allow the tool to run.
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