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Different Mailboxes

Accessing Multiple Email Accounts on One Computer

When two or more people want to use the same computer to access different email accounts, the accounts should be kept completely separate from one another. Otherwise, messages delivered to one person will be viewable by another, and all those messages will be mixed together in one inbox.

Option 1: Create Separate User Accounts for Each Person

This is the best way to configure a computer for multiple email accounts.

If your computer has Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Mac OS X, you can create a separate user account for each person who uses the computer. With multiple user accounts, all programs and settings for each person are kept separate. This means each person will have his own email Inbox, desktop, “My Documents” folder, etc.

We highly recommend customers create separate user accounts for each person using the same computer. However, there are some important concepts you need to keep in mind.

Option 2: Setup Different “Identities” in Your Email Program

This is a good option if you are running an older operating system such as Windows 98 or Windows ME.

Most email programs like Outlook Express have a feature called “Identities.” You can setup an identity for each person who wants to access an email account on the same computer. The program will create a separate Inbox and a separate list of contacts for each identity. This allows two or more people to use the same email program while keeping their email account settings, email messages, and contacts separate.

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