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How to Fix POP Server Timeout Errors

When you check your email, do you get an error message that says, “Your POP server has timed out?” There are a number of possible causes for receiving this error message. This article should help you troubleshoot the problem.

Make sure you are connected to the Internet.

The most common cause of this error message is that your email program is unable to connect to the mail server because your computer isn't actually connected to the Internet.

Dial-Up Customers
Make sure that your computer has actually dialed in and connected to the service. Then try checking your email again.
DSL/Broadband Customers
Make sure that your computer and network are setup properly to connect to the Internet. You can test your network connection by loading a web page. If the web page loads properly, your network connection is working fine.

Make sure your email program is properly configured.

Your email program must have the correct settings in order to download your email and send new messages. If you recently installed virus scanning software, or if you have not previously configured your computer to access your Hubris Communications email account, you may need to verify or change your email settings.

You can compare your email settings to those recommended by Hubris Communications by visiting our Configuration section.

Check to see if a message is “stuck” in your mailbox on the server.

If you are indeed connected to the Internet, your email settings are correct, and you still receive the same error message when trying to download your email, it’s possible that a message has become stuck in your mailbox on the mail server.

It may be possible to examine and remove the offending mail message without having to download it with your email program. To do this, you may use our webmail tool, which allows you to view and send email via your web browser.

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