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Password Rejection Errors

Computers often give error messages that are confusing or hard to understand. But one kind of error message always means exactly what it says—when a computer, website, or email program says that the username or password you entered is invalid, that’ exactly the problem!

Why is my password being rejected when I try to login?

When you dial into your Hubris Communications account, your computer transmits your login ID and password. The system will then try to authenticate you. In this process, the system compares your login-id to its list of known customers. If it finds your login-id, it checks to see if the password you sent is the right one for the account.

If the login-id or password (or both) is incorrect, you won’t be able to connect. If your account has been disabled, you will also be prevented from connecting, and you may receive a password error.

Tips for Resolving Password Issues

Check Your Login-ID
Your login-id (also known as “username” or “user ID”) is the name by which you are identified on the service or website to which you are trying to connect.
  • For Hubris Communications accounts and services, your login-id is the first part of your email address. Do not type the @-symbol or the domain name.
  • For other websites, you need to use the login-id you created when you signed up for an account with that site. Hubris Communications has no record of usernames and passwords you create for other websites.
Make Sure the CAPS-LOCK Key Is Turned Off
Login-ids and passwords are case-sensitive. If the CAPS-LOCK key on your keyboard is turned on, it will interfere with your typing. For example, if your password is “AbC123” and you have CAPS-LOCK turned on, you may be accidentally typing in “aBc123.” Since passwords are case sensitive, the second password will be rejected in this case.
Did You Change Your Password?
If you recently changed your Hubris Communications password, you will not be able to connect because your computer is still transmitting the old password. Be sure to type in the new password before connecting.
Is Your Account Active?
Sometimes we have to temporarily disable accounts for past-due balances. If your service was working fine and then stopped working the next day, you may be experiencing this sort of problem. You can call our Billing Department during our regular business hours to check the status of your account.
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