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Modem Troubleshooting: Improving Your Dial-Up Connection

Hubris Communications prides itself on the quality of its Dial-Up Internet service. However, conditions on your end of the dial-up connection can prevent you from getting the most out of your service. Here is a quick reference you can use to make sure you are getting the best possible Internet experience.

Make sure your computer is connected directly to the wall jack.
Avoid passing the phone cord through splitters and other phone devices. They can introduce voltage interference which can degrade the quality of your Internet connection.
Disable Call Waiting during Internet calls.
Call Waiting plays an audible tone which can cause a modem connection to drop unexpectedly. If you have a Southwestern Bell phone line, you can disable Call Waiting by configuring your computer to dial [ *70, ] before the Hubris Communications phone number.
How to Disable Call Waiting
Upgrade your modem drivers.
Especially on older computers, modem drivers can be upgraded to improve their ability to handle error correction and line noise. Downloading and installing modem drivers can be tricky, so we recommend that you visit your computer manufacturer’s website or contact their technical support department.
How to Upgrade Modem Drivers
If there is audible noise on your phone line, call your phone company.
If you can hear static or pops on the line, you should call your phone company for repairs. In most cases, the company can run a remote diagnostic that will help pinpoint the location of the problem. Keep in mind that if the phone company determines that wiring in your house is faulty, you will be responsible for the cost of repairs.
Use the Connection Troubleshooting Wizard to Diagnose the Problem
Our Connection Wizard will guide you through a series of steps to identify and isolate the problem.
Launch the Connection Troubleshooting Wizard in a new window.
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