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Popup Blockers

Popup blockers are small programs that integrate into your web browser. They prevent the web pages you visit from spawning little windows with advertisements. By installing a popup blocker, you will improve your web browsing experience.

The Problem with Popup Ads

Popup ads are little advertisements that appear when you enter or leave some websites. They are not a security threat because they are generally served by sites you visit. However, they can be annoying and they frequently obstruct the view of the page you are trying to read. Some websites intentionally make their popups difficult to close, forcing you to read their contents. On the most offensive websites, closing popups simply triggers the launch of more popups!

Which Popup Blocker Should You Use?

There are many popup blocking utilities available, but please be aware that you do not need to pay for popup blocking features! All the options we recommend are free.

Browsers with Built-In Popup Blocking

Internet Explorer for Windows XP Service Pack 2
If you have Windows XP and you already use Internet Explorer, be sure to upgrade to Windows XP Service Pack 2. It features built-in popup blocking capabilities.
Mozilla Firefox
Firefox is an alternative web browser which you can use instead of Internet Explorer. It has a built-in popup blocking ability enabled by default.
Other Browsers with Built-In Popup Blocking

Popup Blocking Toolbars for Internet Explorer

Several companies have developed free popup blocking programs that integrate directly into Internet Explorer’s toolbars. These toolbars also have other features including web searching and quick links to popular content.

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