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More Information About the White List

Whenever you receive messages from people in your White List, they will be delivered to your Inbox without passing through the Spam Filter. That means they will never be in danger of being marked or deleted due to their content.

Adding Entire Domains to the White List

When an entire domain is added to the White List, email coming from any address at that domain will reach your Inbox without passing through the Spam Filter.

Why would I want to add entire domains?

Depending on the content of messages and the stringency of your Point System settings, the Spam Filter may mark or delete messages coming from respectable sources. For example, the filter may mark messages sent from online shopping sites. If you frequently shop at a particular store, you can add that store’s domain name to your White List.

You may also want to add domain names for institutions with which you are affiliated. For example, you can add the domain name for your employer or for your college. Doing so ensures that messages from these institutions will always get through to your Inbox. This is convenient, since you don’t have to enter all the possible email addresses from which you might receive email.

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