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Marked Spam Handling

How the Spam Filter Handles Marked Messages

Marked messages are identified by the Spam Filter as spam but they are not “spammy” enough to be deleted automatically. If you choose the option to move marked messages to your WebMail Spam folder, you can use the WebMail interface to view them. If you choose to leave marked messages in your Inbox, you will receive them with your regular email.

Viewing Messages Moved to Your WebMail Spam Folder

On a daily basis, you will receive a single email message containing a list of all the marked messages that were sent to your Spam folder. The list will include the sender’s email address, the time and date the message was received, and the Subject line of the message. If you see a message in that list which you need to read, you can view it via one of two methods:

  • Log into the WebMail interface to view your Spam folder.
  • Click the “Spam” tab within the Customer Account Manager, then click the option labeled “View Spam Folder.”

Ignoring Marked Messages

If you do not want to read any of your marked messages, you do not need to do anything. Messages in the Spam folder which are over 14 days old will automatically be deleted. Therefore, if you need to keep a message which has ended up in your Spam folder, you must move it to your Inbox.

Disabling Notifications

If you choose to have marked messages moved to your Spam Folder, you will be presented with the option to disable daily notifications. This means that marked messages will silently be moved out of your Inbox. It will be up to you to check your Spam Folder periodically to make sure you do not miss an important message.

Handling Marked Messages Left in Your Inbox

Marked messages left in you Inbox will be tagged with a string of characters added to the subject line, making it fairly easy to distinguish between marked and unmarked messages. It will look something like this:

Example of a marked Spam message left in your Inbox.

If you look at the sender or subject of the marked message and decide that it is spam, you can simply delete it within your email program. However, if you recognize something you want to read, you can open it and treat it just like any other message. Only the subject line will have been altered from the original.

Recommended Setting

If you receive a lot of spam, keeping marked messages in your Inbox will tend to add clutter in your email program. Also, it may take longer to check your email if many spam messages must be downloaded. Therefore, we recommend that you choose the WebMail option. It prevents you from having to sort through marked messages, yet it keeps you aware of marked messages which might not be spam.

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