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Email Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists

An electronic mailing list or email list is a convenient and cost-effective way to reach a large audience of followers. It is similar to a traditional USPS mailing list, a list of names and addresses, in this case email addresses, as might be kept by an organization for sending publications to its members or customers who specifically opt-in to receive those communications.

Why Use a Mailing List?

Hubris email servers are used for transactional (non-bulk, non-marketing) emails only and we have a responsibility to keep these servers in good standing so that all of our customers will be able to deliver emails when they need to send them. When an unsolicited email originating from our normal email servers is marked as spam, it increases the chance of our email servers being placed on a blacklist and hurting deliverability for everyone. It's also against by our Acceptable Use Policy.

As an alternative, Hubris Communications is happy to provide a mailing list for active customers. These mailing lists send messages on a special mail server designated specifically for this purpose. More importantly, your messages will look more professional and allow users a simple and convenient way to opt-out automatically should they wish to no longer receive your messages.

How to set up a Mailing List:

This service is available to customers of Hubris Communications.

A mailing list can be set up by emailing your request to and we can assist in getting the mailing list set up for you quickly.

Managing and Using Your Mailing List:

After your mailing list has been created, you can login with the username and password provided to you at the following link:

Mailing List Admin Address
In this example, '' would be replaced with your own website address.

After selecting the mailing list you'd like to manage, you'll be prompted for a username and password. Be sure to protect your login information carefully.

Mailing List Settings:

Your mailing list is a very powerful tool. As such there are many settings that can be adjusted and fine-tuned.

Mailing list options

We recommend sticking to the "Membership Management" option. If you need other changes please contact us at

Most users will probably only ever need the following features:

To Add an address:

  • Click on "Membership Management"
  • Click on "Mass Subscription"
  • Put address(es) you want to add in the "Enter one address per line below" box, one per line
  • Click on "Submit Your Changes” button

Adding an address

Subscribers should never be added to your mailing list manually unless they specifically requested you do so.

To Remove an address:

  • Click on "Membership Management"
  • Click on "Membership List"
  • Click on the letter of the alphabet the address starts with or search in "Find member" box
  • Click on the checkbox under "unsub" next to the address you want to delete
  • Click on "Submit Your Changes" button

Remove user from list

  • Updating Your Password: You can also change the password as needed from the main page.

  • Changing your password

    If your email list is set up so only you can send mail to it, anyone can send an email to the mailing list but it will go to you, the admin, for moderator approval before it goes out to the list. Whenever this happens the admins will receive a notification message. This notification will let you know who sent an email to mailing list email address for distribution. You can easily approve or deny the email using the links in the notification message.

    Most often, these notifications are sent as a result of subscribers directing messages to your mailing list rather than you directly. You may either login to the mailing list and delete the message, or ignore them and we'll discard them after a few days.

    If your email list is set up so only you can send mail to it, messages sent to your list by other users will not be sent out to subscribers unless they are approved by you.

    Once you follow the link that is sent to you you taken to a log in page where you can manage the notification. On the right hand side of the screen you will see the Subject of the email which in this case is newsletter & coffee questions. There is a number 1 next to Subject, if you click on the 1 it will show you the exact message. You can read the message and decide if you want to send it on to everyone in the mailing list or not.

    You would then select the action to be taken, if you accept it then the mailing will go out to everyone or you can mark the mailing message to be discarded if you want. Then after you decide click Submit All Data.

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