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Check phone wiring.

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The Solution: How to Check Your Phone/Modem Wiring

Locate the Phone Jacks on Your Modem

Most computers have "internal" modems. That means that the modem is inside the main computer. Phone jacks are usually located on the back of the computer.

If there is only 1 jack:

Wiring is very simple: just plug a phone cord from the wall jack in your home or office to the computer.

If there are 2 jacks:

One should be labeled "Phone" and the other should be labeled "Line." These labels are often very difficult to see. They may also be labeled with pictures instead of words. Use this table to clearly understand which jack is which:




Line Jack Symbol


Use this jack to connect a phone cord straight from the wall jack in your home or office to the computer. (This is mandatory.)

Telephone Jack Symbol


Use this jack to connect a regular telephone to the computer so you can talk on the phone when not online. (This is optional.)

Plug in the Phone Cords

Take one good phone cord and plug it into the wall jack in your home or office. Take the other end and plug it into the LINE jack on your modem.

You can take another phone cord and plug it into the PHONE jack on your modem. Plug the other end into a regular telephone.

Do Not Split the Phone Cord

The phone cord connecting the wall jack to the modem should not pass through any couplers or splitters. Splitting a phone line is OK for telephones, fax machines and answering machines, but it can cause problems for computer modems due to signal degradation.

Do Not Daisy-Chain Devices Together

Do not connect your modem to a phone line by passing it through other telephone devices. Each device added to the chain may cause voltage interference in the phone cord, making it impossible for your modem to interpret Internet communications.

Test Your Line

If you plugged a telephone into your modem as described above, you can test your phone line to make certain the wiring is correct. Simply pick up the phone and listen for a dial tone. If you can hear a dial tone while on the phone, your modem should also be able to hear a dial tone when it tries to connect to the Internet.

Try Again to Connect to the Internet

If you fixed a wiring problem based on the information above, try to connect again to see if your problem has been solved.


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