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Reboot computer.

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Verify account is active.

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Specify type of problem.

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Check phone wiring.

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Check your password and login-ID.

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Check the phone number.

STEP 7 of 9:
Check your dialing rules.

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Step 7: Check your dialing rules.

In most cases, your computer is configured to dial only a 7-digit phone number to connect to the Internet. However, there are situations in which you may need to configure your computer to dial more than the 7-digit number. "Dialing rules" are settings which allow you to format how a telephone number is dialed by your computer.

By Default, Dialing Rules Are Usually Correct.

Most customers will not need to edit dialing rules to connect properly. There are only three cases in which you might need to fix the dialing rules in order to connect:

  • Your computer needs to dial a 10-digit number. (Example: Dialing the Kansas City, MO, number from Kansas City, KS... not a long-distance call, yet all 10 digits are required.)
  • You are in an office or hotel room and your computer needs to dial one or more digits to get an outside line.
  • You "inherited" a computer which may have been configured with dialing rules for a different setting. (Example: a computer originally used in an office, now being used at home or computer used to be connected to a phone line with call waiting, but it no longer is.)


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