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STEP 1 of 9:
Reboot computer.

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Verify account is active.

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Specify type of problem.

STEP 4 of 9:
Check phone wiring.

STEP 5 of 9:
Check your password and login-ID.

STEP 6 of 9:
Check the phone number.

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Step 6: Check your phone number.

Your computer must be configured to dial the correct phone number. In most cases, this number should be a local call. If the wrong number is being dialed, you might be able to hear one of the following through the modem's speaker:

  • A person on the other end trying to answer the phone, or an automated voice talking.

  • You might hear a busy signal or some other strange noise after the modem dials.

On some computers, you may not be able to hear anything through the modem's speaker. You can try to listen for any of the above problems by picking up the handset to the telephone and listening while your computer tries to connect.

If the telephone connected to the computer goes dead when the modem dials, try using another telephone in your house or office which is connected to the same phone line.


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The phone number might be incorrect. Help me fix this problem.


The phone number is correct. Something else is wrong.

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