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Reboot computer.

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Verify account is active.

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Specify type of problem.

STEP 4 of 9:
Check phone wiring.

STEP 5 of 9:
Check your password and login-ID.

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Step 5: Check your password and login-ID.

If you do not enter the password and login-ID correctly, you will not be able to log into the service. Passwords and login-IDs are case-sensitive. That means you must enter them with correct capitalization.

The Hubris Communications installation software will configure your login-ID properly based on your location. However, if you did not use the CD-ROM to configure your computer, you may need to double-check your login-ID to make sure it is correct.


Which statement applies best to your situation?


My password or login-ID might be incorrect. Help me fix this problem.


My password and login-ID are correct. Something else is wrong.

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