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The Solution: How to Check Your Phone Number

Instructions for checking and editing the phone number vary according to the type of computer you are using and the configuration you are using.

If You Installed the Hubris Communications CD-ROM Software

  1. Double-click the icon on your desktop labeled "Hubris."

  2. The "Connect to Hubris Communications" window will appear. Within this window, click the button labeled "Select."

  3. The "Select Dialup Number" window will appear. Follow these instructions to quickly select a dial-up number:

    • Near the top of the window, there are three white boxes. Click inside the third one, labeled "Area Code."
    • Type in your area code. (As you type, the list of available numbers within that area code will update.)
    • Now, scroll through the list of available numbers and find your city. If your city is not listed, look for a city close to you which is a local phone call.
    • After finding the name of the city you wish to select, click it.
    • Click "OK." A window will appear, reminding you that is your responsibility to determine whether or not the number you've chosen is a local call. Click "OK" again.
  4. The phone number should now be programmed into the dialer. Click the "Connect" button to try out the number.

If You Did Not Install the Hubris Communications CD-ROM Software

All modern computers include software with the capability of dialing into Internet service providers. If you chose to configure your computer without the Hubris Communications CD-ROM (and especially if you are using a Macintosh computer) you can double-check the phone number by trying to connect.

When you try to connect, a window should appear which shows you the phone number the computer will attempt to dial. You should be able to click this number and type in a new number to change it.

How can you tell which number to use?

If you don't have the Hubris Communications CD-ROM, try going online from a friend's computer to access our online database of phone numbers. The database is available at the following web address:

If you can't access the web from your location, call our Customer Service department to obtain the correct phone number:

Call Hubris Communications Customer Service
Toll Free: 866-267-4638

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