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The Solution: Verifying Your Password and Login-ID

Correcting Password Problems

Passwords must be typed correctly in order to log into the system successfully. Try retyping your password. Read these tips to insure you are typing your password correctly.

Make sure Caps-Lock key is off.

A common mistake people make when entering login-IDs and passwords is to leave the CAPS-LOCK key on. In most cases, you should always leave CAPS-LOCK turned off.

What happens if you try to enter a password and the CAPS-LOCK key is left on? As an example, suppose the password you wish to enter is:


If CAPS-LOCK is on and you try to type this text, the result is:


See how the capitalization is all wrong? Since passwords and login-IDs are case-sensitive, the system will reject the second password because it doesn't exactly match the actual password on file.

Make sure you type numbers where appropriate.

Passwords issued by us usually contain a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Here are some common mistakes people make when entering these complex passwords:

  • Typing a lower case "L" instead of a 1 (one).
  • Typing an upper case "I" instead of a 1 (one).
  • Typing a capital "O" instead of a 0 (zero).

Test out your password to see if you are typing it correctly.

Use this test box to type in your password. Instead of showing asterisks (*), you will be able to see the characters as you type them.

(This test box does not store your password. Typing it correctly into this box will not ensure that you will be able to log in.)

Correcting Login-ID Problems

Your login-ID must be typed correctly in order to log into the system successfully. Follow these tips to insure your login-ID is typed correctly.

If you used the Hubris Communications CD-ROM to configure your computer, the login-ID should automatically be correct.

The software automatically configures your login-ID based on your location. You should not alter the default settings.

If you configured your computer manually, follow these guidelines for typing your login-ID.

Kansas Customers in Wichita, Newton, Garden City, and Dodge City:

Your login-ID is simply the first part of your email address. Type it in all lower case letters. Do not type the @-symbol or the domain name.

Customers in All Other Kansas and US Cities:

Your login-ID is a combination of the first part of your email address and the phrase "" For example, if your email address is "," your login-ID is ""

NOTE: Though you are typing what appears to be an email address, do not confuse it with your actual email address. They are not necessarily the same.


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