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Reboot computer.

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Welcome to the Connection Troubleshooting Wizard

If you are having trouble connecting with your Hubris Communications Dial-Up account, you can use this step-by-step troubleshooting wizard to identify and correct the problem. Please read each page carefully, then answer the question at the bottom to proceed through the steps.

Before We Begin... REBOOT!

It seems trivial, but you should always begin troubleshooting computer problems by REBOOTING YOUR COMPUTER. This is particularly important if your connection has worked fine in the past and has only just begun to exhibit problems.

Be sure to follow the standard procedure for shutting down your computer. Then turn the power off (if it doesn’t turn off automatically). Wait 10 seconds, then turn the power back on and try to connect again.


Did rebooting your computer solve the problem?


Yes. I can connect to Hubris Communications now.


No. Something else is wrong.

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