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STEP 1 of 9:
Reboot computer.

STEP 2 of 9:
Verify account is active.

STEP 3 of 9:
Specify type of problem.

STEP 4 of 9:
Check your phone wiring.

STEP 5 of 9:
Check for temporary problems with line condition.

STEP 6 of 9:
Check for line noise.

STEP 7 of 9:
Disable call waiting.

STEP 8 of 9:
Disable "auto-disconnect" in email programs.

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Step 8: Check your modem hardware.

In most cases, computer modems are installed properly, and they function with little or no direct intervention. However, there are some circumstances in which you might need to test your modem hardware if you can't get connected to the Internet.

Signs and Symptoms of Modem Hardware Problems

  • The computer gives an error message like one of the following:
    • "The modem could not be detected."
    • "There was no dial tone." (even though you followed all the suggestions in Step 3.)
  • You installed a new modem, but now you can't connect to the Internet.
  • The modem might have been damaged by lightning.


Which statement applies best to your situation?


Something might be wrong with my modem. Help me fix this problem.


My modem is working. Something else is wrong.

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