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STEP 1 of 9:
Reboot computer.

STEP 2 of 9:
Verify account is active.

STEP 3 of 9:
Specify type of problem.

STEP 4 of 9:
Check your phone wiring.

STEP 5 of 9:
Check for temporary problems with line condition.

STEP 6 of 9:
Check for line noise.

STEP 7 of 9:
Disable call waiting.

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Step 7: Disable call waiting.

Do you have call waiting service on your phone line? If so, you need to temporarily disable call waiting every time you connect to the Internet. The audible tone can interfere with your modem connection, causing your connection to fail whenever an incoming call is detected.

Which statement applies best to your situation?


If do have call waiting service. Help me disable it during Internet calls.


I do not have call waiting service, or I already have it temporarily disabled. Something else is wrong.

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