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Reboot computer.

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Verify account is active.

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Specify type of problem.

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Check your phone wiring.

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Check for temporary problems with line condition.

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Step 5: Check for temporary problems with line condition.

Did this problem just start occurring? If so, it's possible that the problem is being caused by temporary problems with the phone wiring leading to your house.

The "plain old telephone system" (POTS) is quite robust under adverse weather conditions. Voice communication rarely fails unless the phone line is cut altogether. However, modem communications are very sensitive to the quality of the physical connection. In rural areas and old neighborhoods, water and wind can affect line condition. If you see a telephone company service truck in your area, it's also and indication that that your phone lines may be experiencing temporary interference.


Which statement applies best to your situation?


My problem always occurs after bad weather. Help me fix this problem.


My phone line is not being affected by the weather. Something else is wrong.

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