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Dialup Support

The Solution: Disable Call Waiting

Instructions for disabling call waiting vary according to the type of computer you are using and the configuration you are using.

If You Installed the Hubris Communications CD-ROM Software

  1. Double-click the icon on your desktop labeled "Hubris."

  2. The "Connect to Hubris Communications" window will appear. Within this window, click the button labeled "Properties."

  3. The "Location Properties" window will appear:

    In this box, you can enter various settings to alter the way the phone number is dialed.

To Disable Call Waiting

If you have call waiting, you can temporarily disable it during an Internet phone call. Choose the correct code from the list. For most customers, the first choice is the correct code.

NOTE: If you have call waiting, we highly recommend you disable it during an Internet call, because the "beep" which signals in incoming call can cause your Internet connection to unexpectedly terminate.

If You Did Not Install the Hubris Communications CD-ROM Software

All modern computers include software with the capability of dialing into Internet service providers. You can edit the "dialing rules" to disable call waiting by using the computer's built-in features. However, instructions for editing the dialing rules vary according the operating system version you have installed. Therefore, specific instructions for editing dialing rules are beyond the scope of this troubleshooting wizard.

If you don't know how to edit the dialing rules on your computer, search the "help" feature within your operating system for instructions. If you are still unable to find the help you need, call our Technical Support department for assistance.

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