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Software Configuration

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Netscape Navigator 7

Netscape Navigator keeps track of several settings that affect your browsing experience. This page will explain the Preferences dialog box by pointing out the location a few key settings. Only the important settings are shown. Other options within the program may be set at your discretion. In general, it is best to stick with default settings for those options.

Accessing the Preferences Dialog Box

Within Navigator, click the “Edit” menu and choose “Preferences.”

  1. Preferences: Navigator
    Default Browser
    In this section, you can click “Set Default Browser” to set Navigator as your default web browser.
    Home Page
    In this section, you can specify the website you wish to use as your home page. Simply type in the address of the page.
    • The “Use Current Page” button will set your home page to whatever page is currently showing in your browser.
    • To use a blank page when Navigator starts, click the “Blank page” option.
  2. Preferences: History
    This section allows you to control the History list and Location Bar history. Your browser keeps lists of pages you have visited for quick reference.
    • Click “Clear History” to clear all entries in the History list.
    • Click “Clear Location Bar” to clear the list of entries in the location bar.
  3. Preferences: Smart Browsing
    Smart Browsing - Autocomplete
    On this page, you can control options for the Autocomplete feature.
    • To enable Autocomplete when typing web addresses, turn on the option “Automatically complete text typed into Location bar.”
    • To adjust settings for this feature, click the “Advanced...” button. In this dialog box, you may adjust settings according to your personal preferences.
      Autocomplete Preferences
  4. Preferences: Cookies
    This section lets you control cookies stored on your computer. Click “Manage Stored Cookies” to manage cookies already stored on your computer.
    Cookie Manager
    In this dialog box, you can manage cookies given to you by websites. Click “Remove All Cookies” if you want to remove all cookies stored on your hard drive.
  5. Preferences: Cache
    This section lets you control the temporary files stored on your computer as you browse the Internet.
    Click “Clear Disk Cache” to remove all cached web pages from your computer.
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