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Software Configuration


Your device type and version may result in slightly different steps than those outlined below. Please refer to the user's guide supplied with your device for more specific instructions.

1. Open Settings

2. Locate and Select Accounts

3. Select Add Accounts

4. Select Type – Preferably IMAP

5. Enter Email Address

6. Enter Password

7. Enter Settings – username, password if not populated

    server: or
    Change Security type to SSL/TLS
    Port should auto update to 993 (995 for pop)
Select Next

8. Enter Settings

      Security Type: SSL/TLS
      Port Should auto update to 465
      We highly suggest using required sign-in which IS needed if your not on our internet connection
      enter username and password

9. Sync Frequency ((How often client auto checks for emails.))

Default seems to be 15 minutes if you can change this more or less depending on your wireless data plan or how often you use wifi etc

10. Enter an account name and your name that you wish to display on outbound emails

Selecting Next should complete and tell you its setup.

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